Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Kitties

For Adam. Charlie Chaplin makes me laugh. I hope Adam gets betters so he can laugh with all of us and our blogs.

For Butch, who makes all of us feel the yen-yang and helps us complete ourself

For LPB. I bet he wants to be Captain America for Halloween this year. (Woof on the guy who plays him)

For Ruffy, He makes me laugh about Crella' Wild Adventure.

For Stan. I wished I could give him the Moon and the Stars. he is a true sweet heart

Fo Koba. I can picture him wearing nothing but a kilt. I do mean nothing but a kilt

For His Lordship. he makes everyone smile

this one is for Nick. The guy is ont as cute as Nick, but cute

The Last one is for Jon, Big ol Kiss For You

For anyone else I may have forget. Please for give

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