Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sorry Folks

I am getting ready for the holidays. I am Christmas Shopping. I hope I got the right size for you guys. Please take pictures for me so I can make sure they fit well. I do hope I have everyone sizes correct.

For Lord Patrick. who is going away on vacation. He needs a new suit and a tux for all of those fancies night time functions. Hope you have a safe and wonderful time. God's Speed my friend

For Jon. A Cowboy hat and belt. I know he need something to help keep him in touch with cowboys.

For Carrol. I know he likes bears.

For Rick (Torn Jeans) since he has move. He might be looking for a new job. A sharp tie can't hurt.

For Butch (Sir to you pigs). Thought he might could use a new jock strap, the old one has wholes in it, when I saw him at the bars the other night.

For Karl ... Who may needs some new riding gear. You never know when you may need to break a new Stud horse in.

For Kobs. Some new underwear. I figure he goes commando to much. Maybe this will help abit when he dresses up.

For Stan. Since it is getting to be winter time up there. I thought he might need a new robe.

For LBP, I thin he might be able to use a new harness.

For Nick, because where he is it is summer time. A new swim suit never hurts

For Ruffy (enough said)

For Rick (Sick Ricko Crap) New sheets makes everyone feel good

For Adamn. I foot rub. I think he might enjoy it. Hope you are feeling better

Enhanced Masculinity - Christian Man to Man
For he make us think about life outside the box. Here is some running shorts. Go for it

To Sean (JUST A JEEP GUY) A New Necklace. Something pretty to wear

I am sorry if I forgot any one. I am still Christmas shopping.

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