Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Got Balls

I received a email the other day. It was asking my do I not reply to other's post all of the time. AT first I was thinking who the HELL are you, but then I figure I should explain. When I work, I get up at 04:00 to get the house in order. I turn on the coffee and feed Sadie Mae. After that I take a shower. Sadie Mae and I go for out morning walk (about 45 min to 1 hour.). I then try to post something on my blog and then try to get to others. Certain people like Stan and Lord Patrick, Who post the night before with other people. I do reply to theirs. Others who do it after 06:00. I can not reply to , since I am walking out the door to go to work. I work from 06:30 to about 19:15. {7:15PM.} Then come home. I arrive about 19:45 ish {7:45 PM ish} I let Sadie Mae out the front door so we can get the mail, really so she can run allot in the front yard and get rid of some of that energy. She is happy and I am happy. I go and feed her one more time before bed. Both of us get into bed and watch about 15 to 30 mins of mindless TV. Then off to bed. Then the next day starts all over again. This month is weird for me. At Work we had 3 nurse spots open. 1 who gave 3 weeks notice, one who hurt herself. the other I really do not know what happened to hm...he vanished without a trace. So I agreed to help my work out by working 3 days on, 2 days off until the first of April. I will admit. On my days off if I get more than3 days. I try to go visit my parents. Which another writer wrote me a letter about, thinking I was see a special Man. Yes MY Father and My Mother. SO I had to let him know it was not a boyfriend. I try to be good on this blog for all of you and everyone else. But getting my arse not trouble for not blogging on others blog. I am sorry about it. But now you know. On my days off like today; I try ot get to many people as possible.

Now you can see me better and know that I have balls for letting you know what goes on in my personal life. Hope you feel as good as I do. Thank you for letting me vent and explain to you.

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