Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Problem Solved

Thanks to everyone for their opinions. I really looked inside myself as well. I have let go my lawn Man. When I went over to his house to pay him what I owed him and told him why I was letting him go. I Said, "You have done this before, telling me you were going to come over and never did until either day after or 2 days after; I fell like you were not respecting me. So I am letting you go." He said, "OK" and nothing else. I already had another Lawn Man lined up. This one is gay and works with allot of gay origination's, that is how I met him in the first place.. Now I will have a gay Lawn Man. I am sorry to have let my other one go, but he did not act surprised either. Problem solved. The new lawn Man is as attractive as the old one. NO problem with eye candy there.

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