Monday, September 17, 2012

Looks Like Summer Is Over

I know that allot of you Men/boys hate this idea, except for Lord Patrick. Since he is down under. It means summer is coming to him. I love the fall and winter time. It means the holidays are coming. I love the cold more than anything. You might say Ray since you love the cold move away from Texas. But guys you do not not understand I am a Texan boy at heart and always will be. Never like the heat, but do like the skin of summer. I mean other men in shirtless outfit. I burn to easy and I have already have 2 heat stokes in my time. So heat is not my friend. But also everyone who looks at my blog also knows fall and winter time means the holidays. I can decorate for fall holidays and then Christmas. My favorite time of the year. YES I am a big child at heart for Christmas. You will see once again when it some around.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day today.

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