Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hacker, Please Read.

I have been hack in my email account. All of my address are gone. No I have never been to Spain. No I do not need $1,600 there. Yes I would love to have that money, but.... Would love to go and meet Tim. Since he is not there at this time. He is spending his holiday away. So I am not there. You may have gotten email from me.please distory it. I would never aksed anyone for money; excpet my matter how hard the times are for me. And trust me I have hard times last year. If I had you email address please resend it to me. So I can put it back in my file. I have no one's email address or Physical address. IE; Lord Patrick's, Stan how just moved, I do not have it anymore. Would love several of your physical sddress again RUFFY, Would love Rick's (both Ricks), Koba, Sean, Pick's (I had at one time, but now it is gone as well). and many more. It is getting near the holidays where I like to send Holloween cards, Thanksgiving Cards, and Christmas Cards. If you would like for me to have this info please re-send the info. Thank you for your time and efforts. This has never happened to me before.

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