Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chirstmas 2012

The First 3 are of the outside door. and the front yard.
The Next 5 is of the tree and garland. The tree has crystal, glass and more crystlas on it. The garland to me looks semi-Victornian.
Please double click on any pictures to veiw the whole thing.
The Wearth and the desk in the study.
The Angles are on the bookshelf. What I really like about the are they are Art Deco looking in the their Angular Wings and body. I also have little angles that the wings are free flowing with angular bodies.
The Dinning Room
The Den/ Family Room. Sadie Mae is protecting the presents; so she can show Santa Paws she has been a good girl.
The rest of the house looks the same as all of the past years.The Den/ Family Room looks just the same. The Bathrooms look the same. I do want to thank you fellow bloggers for taken the time out and see my house. Please come back and visit some time. Hugs Ray

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