Monday, June 11, 2012

Going To See The Doctor

This weekend. I was suppose to work. I went to work Friday. Asked the Dr at the Hospt if I could have a Z-Pack for my Upper Resp Infection. Well He gave it to me. Friday night I started the thing. Well I can tell you it is not working. I also called my Dr and left a message to see if I can get into his office today. I have been running a temp, the highest it has been 101.6, so I am not cooking my brains out yet. My lungs are totally full of congestion. Sleeping more then 3/4 of the day. My dog, Poor Sadie Mae, does not know what to do with me. Yesterday. I woke up about 06:30 and feed here. We went to a short walk, check email. off to bed. Slept until 15:00 and then feed her again. Stayed up for about on hour, watching something on TV, can not remember. went back to bed. then about 19:00 woke up again and feed her last meal. Watch True Blood. Love it. Thank goodness it is back on TV. Then back to bed. Today woke up about 06:30 and getting ready to go back to bed. Thank goodness I have a phone in there. I do hope the Dr Calls me today. But the way my Dr is gay and very HOT. Hotter then the Men here in the pictures.

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