Thursday, June 14, 2012


ON June the 13, I got to the Dr's Office at 09:15. My appt was not do until 09:45. thought I would be there early and do all of my paper work and maybe get the ball (so to Speak) rolling. I did not get into the private room until 10:30. Told him everything, except , "Excuse me. I have a Hard on looking at you. Can you maybe fixed that or something?" Keeping my mouth quite. I may be close to be at death door's, but I am not there yet. Told him what I was taking and everything. I received a shot in one of my Arse Cheeks and then another on the other side. OOOO Happy Days. No one there to hold my hand while I went through this ordeal. A woman giving me a shot in the are. Not The HOT doctor giving my his shot in my arse.
I have a major Upper Resp Infection. The Dr said if I have waited some time, if may have going into Walking Pneumonia. Yea, nope do not want that. I have missed 4 days of work so far, due to this crap. Now I am 3 pills, 2 shots, 1 inhaler, but no bird in the tree song. I have already asked. a couple of people not to wear black, when I die. Sean and Koba, please come naked. So I finally get to see what you look like, ever if it facing up towards. Lord Patrick. a simple but not over the edge robe and crown. LPB and Stan and Butch= FULL LEATHER OUTFITS, to salute my leather side of me. Rick from torn jeans, your best (I mean the best bar torn jeans) Torn jeans. Carol no play toys there. I am supposed to be morning. Rick for Sick Rick. Bring your long distance boyfriend there. I would like to tell him.. how luck he is. Westernstock Maybe a view of your words so everyone like me can think about it before you toss me into the dirt. Karl. Sorry about no X-box for Christmas. But I may finally visit you for the other side. Urspo (Spo-Reflections) To bad I never got to wear the traveling Shirt. I love how you make your outfits. Maybe you should make some to sell. I know I would have bought one. DeepBlue/ Jon. Miss you allot. Well know that I have said my good byes. Once again I am sorry if I missed anyone. If I die before I wake. May the Lord Take My Soul To Take... If I live pass this. I will be back blogging. But KobA and Sean. Still would love pictures, maybe they will help get better. Full pictures.


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