Monday, June 4, 2012

Update On Ray

Just a note to let everyone Thank you for everything you have done. My life right now feels like an optical illusion. Look at it long enough and it feels like it is moving, but really is not. It may also give you a head ache. I came up with something that is really hard for me to say, because of you Men/boys on my blog. At this time. I am going to 3 days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... I may try to put and extra post in now and then. But with my life and everyhting that is going on I feel this in going to have to do at this time. Since Sunday, January 20, 2008, when I did my first post. I have some great times. Playing, teasing, hugging, and anything else your Men/boys would let me do. Lord Patrick, even though this is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, you will always reign in my heart. Butch, you nasty pig; I love the many things on your blog. You and I are allot a like. Stan, you always ed made me feel like I could come to your place and put my feet on the coffee table and feel truly welcome. Rick -SickRicko'sCrap your blog was one of the first blog I was following. Rick- Torn Jeans I would love to see the back room some time. and let you do some tantra stuff to me. Tim... I will write you a private email, thank you for your emails offering to help in any way you can. Sean, thank you for Doggy Sat, I laugh allot of time at your cartoons. Maybe one of these days I will get a full picture of you. Jon- Deep Blue. I wished we could go back in time and you know.... Last but not least Koba. Sunday will never be the same again. I still think you should put your big, Fat, Long, Uncut Cock on there to show everyone you mean business. Also Koba I woul dlove a full picture o fyou as well. If I missed anyone. I am sorry. Once my life gets back going strong again. I will blog more. I do want to thank everyone for your understanding and support.

Much love and hugs

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